Graham Gouldman’s New Album…


is called “MODESTY FORBIDS”. It has eleven new songs and features a guest appearance on one song from Ringo Starr.

The album will be available in three formats… Gatefold CD, Digital Download and Heavyweight Vinyl LP. There are six ways to pre-order the album. Use this link to go to the pre-order website where you can also listen to the first single, “All Around The World”. The album will be released on March 20th 2020.





Touring 10cc Adds More Dates…


Graham Gouldman’s touring 10cc have added more dates in April and May. Several concerts are scheduled for Germany and three gigs are lined up for Belfast, Dublin and Cork.

Please refer to the dates page for tour details.


Graham Gouldman’s New Tour and New Album…


Graham Gouldman will be taking his “Heart Full Of Songs” tour around the British Isles on a 14 date tour, performing in London, Cardiff, Glasgow and Solihull along the way. The tour coincides with the March 20th release of his as-yet unnamed new album. Please refer to the dates page for tour details.



The Consequences 10cc Podcasts…


Earlier this year, two fans of 10cc and Godley & Creme took it upon themselves to start producing podcasts almost every week dedicated to the triple album “Consequences” by Godley & Creme. These podcasts are very entertaining and the guys were even able to sit down with Kevin Godey for a chat that spreads over FOUR podcasts.

Sean Macreavy and Paul McNulty are the gentlemen responsible and their episodes can be found here. For a $25 (just under £20) donation you can get year-long access to everything and a little bit extra not included in the episodes. BUT… If you don’t pay, you’ll still be able to listen to all the podcasts.




Liam Newton’s 10cc Biography Gets An Update…


10cc : The Worst Band In The World” by Liam Newton is being republished, by Rocket 88 Books. It’s billed as “the definitive biography of 10cc, updated and expanded. There’s a foreword by Kevin Godley, and interviews with Kevin, Graham, Lol and Eric and many others.

It’s up for pre-ordering at the moment and a 15% discount can be obtained by using this code CCQYF15HV26 upon ordering.

Click here for details and ordering. Plus there’s a chance to see your name in print at the back of the book too.



Extra dates for late 2019 & early 2020 for Graham’s touring 10cc…


More dates for 2019 and 2020 have just been added to the dates page.


Mindbenders get a new CD…


Just released on the London Calling label, “the mindbenders live on air 1966-68”, a collection of recording sessions for the BBC. “Includes a wealth of revealing interviews and exclusive recordings. Professionally re-mastered original broadcasts with background liners and rare archival photographs.”





Advert for WAX 2CD/1DVD Set…


A commercial for the set has been made and can be viewed here. Thanks to Andrew’s wife, Leslie Anne, for the link.




One Month To Release Of WAX 2CD/1DVD Set…


With a release date of September 27th 2019, Andrew Gold and Graham Gouldman’s WAX are releasing “Wax : Live in concert 1987”. It’s a 2CD/1DVD set of a previously unreleased concert that was recorded in Harrogate, all the way back in 1987.


It is available to pre-order through Cherry Red Records and Amazon.co.uk.



10cc's I'm Not in Love keyboard to sell at auction…


 19 August 2019, Corsham, Wiltshire – A keyboard that graced some of the most intelligent and innovative hit records of the 1970s is to be auctioned in Wiltshire next month.


The Fender Rhodes electric piano owned by former-10cc member Eric Stewart was used on many of the band's biggest hits including Dreadlock Holiday, Life is a Minestrone, The Wall Street Shuffle and, most famously, 1975's ground-breaking I'm Not in Love, which topped the UK chart for two weeks.


The original promotional video for I'm Not in Love featured Stewart, who sang lead vocal on the track, playing the Fender Rhodes.


During a hiatus in 10cc's career in the 1980s, the keyboard was used by Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder in studio recording sessions.


Stewart, now aged 74, is selling the Fender Rhodes and also a customised 1950s Gibson Les Paul guitar, which featured on many 10cc tracks and also two of Paul McCartney's solo albums, Pipes of Peace and Tug of War.


Luke Hobbs, auctioneer from Gardiner Houlgate, said: "This keyboard is probably the most significant piece of 10cc memorabilia ever to come onto the market. If you listen to I'm Not in Love, it's the very first thing you hear. It really is an iconic piece of British pop history.


"As well as being integral to 10cc's sound, the keyboard featured prominently in the band's videos and photographs. I'm anticipating a lot of interest from collectors, fans and possibly museums."


The keyboard is expected to sell for £6,000–£10,000.


10cc formed in 1972 comprising four members: Eric Stewart, Graham Gouldman, Kevin Godley and Lol Creme. Between 1972 and 1983, the band released nine albums and 25 singles in the UK, 11 of which reached the top 10, three going to number one. The band was once described as 'the missing link' between The Beatles and Blur.


10cc broke up on 1983, reuniting briefly in 1993 to record a new album. A version of the band featuring Graham Gouldman continues to tour and play live.


I'm Not in Love featured on the soundtrack of hit 2014 film Guardians of the Galaxy.


The three-day auction will take place over Wednesday 11–Friday 13 September at Gardiner Houlgate, 9 Leafield Way, Corsham, Wiltshire, SN13 9SW.


Eric Stewart's Fender Rhodes and Les Paul guitar will be available for public viewing from Monday 9 September from 9am–5.30pm until the day of the sale itself.


For more information contact Luke Hobbs or Jamie South 01225 812912 or 07718 988374  or by email at auctions@gardinerhoulgate.co.uk.


Gardiner Houlgate is the only auction house in Europe to hold dedicated stand-alone sales of guitars and related items, selling over 1,500 guitars a year at quarterly auctions.



01225 812912

01225 812612





WAX 2CD/1DVD Set Available To Pre-Order…


With a release date of September 27th 2019, Andrew Gold and Graham Gouldman’s WAX are releasing “Wax : Live in concert 1987”. It’s a 2CD/1DVD set of a previously unreleased concert that was recorded in Harrogate, all the way back in 1987.


It is available to pre-order through Cherry Red Records and Amazon.co.uk.

There appears to be a price difference for now… Cherry Red lists it at £17.99, while Amazon has it listed at £19.99. Amazon does have their Pre-Order Price Guarantee available if you order now through them.


This ‘Esoteric Recordings’ edition releases the entire concert over two CDs and also features highlights of the concert on an NTSC / Region Free DVD. The set also includes an illustrated booklet with a new essay featuring an exclusive interview with Graham Gouldman.


CD 1

CD 2


Magnetic Heaven

Bug In The Machine

In Some Other World

Right Between The Eyes

Bus Stop

Hear No Evil

Shadows Of Love

For Your Love

Alright Tonight

In Some Other World

Hear No Evil

Dreadlock Holiday

Ready Or Not

Alright Tonight

American English

Ball And Chain

The Promise

Bridge To Your Heart

Never Let Her Slip Away

Lonely Boy


Thank You For Being A Friend

Dreadlock Holiday


Heaven In Her Bed

Bridge To Your Heart



American English



Slow Down



NOW, what these sites DON’T tell you is that, and this is a FanClub exclusive announcement… the audio of the concert WILL be put out sometime next Spring on VINYL. More details nearer the time on that one. A different company is producing the vinyl but the album cover will match the CD/DVD set.


Graham’s 10cc tour dates…


More dates for 2019 and 2020 have just been added to the dates page.


Consequences CD Set Available To Pre-Order…


With a release date of August 9th 2019, Godley & Crème’s “Consequences” is being put out on CD. Priced at £19.99, you can read about it here and then pre-order it too.





A Letter From Kevin Godley…


An update on my forthcoming MUSCLE MEMORY solo album for those of you following its progress, and especially if you’ve pledged for the finished record or other elements of the campaign.


Dear Pledgers and friends,


First and foremost, thank you for supporting my MUSCLE MEMORY project and I’m sorry for the lack of useful updates but all is 100% clear now. PledgeMusic is, unfortunately, no more so like many other artists I’m moving on. That being said it got the record up and running, helped me to reach other musicians interested in collaborating, and indicated that there were enough people intrigued by solo KG music to make it a worthwhile experiment, but the process failed. Such a shame because the Pledge business model was, for a good while, a great disruptive outlet for all kinds of music and musicians. Still, no looking back, only forwards and forwards for me means a non crowd-funded record release via the extraordinary UK independent label The State51 Conspiracy.




MUSCLE MEMORY will now be released in both digital and physical formats (definitive release date TBD) with regular updates posted in the MUSCLE MEMORY UPDATES section of my website: 




I must also apologise for being unable to deliver the items you pledged for. This is simply because not a penny collected by PledgeMusic for this very purpose ever reached me, which affectively neutralised my ability to do so. All my resources will now go into final recording, mastering and making MUSCLE MEMORY the best record it can possibly be. So, once again, thank you so much for your patience and hopefully your continued enthusiasm for the outcome.


The route has changed but the destination is still the same.


Kevin Godley





Graham’s 10cc dates for 2020…


Graham Gouldman will once again be taking his touring 10cc on the road in the Netherlands. Several dates for April 2020 have just been added to the dates page.



10cc/Godley & Creme Legend Kevin Godley Creates New Videos For 10cc Concerts


Update on what was previously posted


Is this a 10cc reunion? Well, sort of.... Former band member and legendary director Kevin Godley has created 2 new videos for Graham Gouldman's touring version of 10cc. This is not the first time the two founding band members have collaborated. Godley and Gouldman created some fascinating new music back in 2006 under the guise GG/06, in which the track used for one of the videos "Son of Man" was created.


In 2006, for the first time in over three decades original 10cc members Godley and Gouldman reunited to record new music. Best known for such classic 10cc hits as "Rubber Bullets," "I'm Not In Love" and "The Dean & I," as well as Godley and Creme's hit "Cry,"  Godley and Gouldman recorded six new download-only songs which received rave reviews from fans and critics alike worldwide! The music has recently been released on a limited edition CD only available at 10cc shows!


Kevin Godley, who has directed some of the most successful music videos in rock and roll for such artists as Peter Gabriel, Duran Duran, U2, Herbie Hancock, Hozier, Elbow, The Beatles, Paul McCartney and The Police to name just a few, graces all six tracks with his tremendous voice - arguably one of the great vocalists in music today!


Says Kevin, "I made this film of the GG/06 (that's me and Graham Gouldman) track 'Son Of Man' for the current 10cc touring band. It's a musical documentary about how 10cc started so it works as a kind of intro to the show. I ripped lots of stuff, shot everything on my iPhone X off my desktop screen, generated text, became a throwback using the MSQRD app and edited it all on Adobe Premier Pro. Tech head."


Watch the video for "Son Of Man"


Record Collector magazine described "Son Of Man" as "a tongue-in-cheek account of how a trio of studio-bound hermits called Hotlegs became the 70s chart-topping quartet known to all as 10cc. The song that was neither music nor art was Hotlegs' 1970 one-hit oddity, 'Neanderthal Man,' while 'Graham on bass' was none other than Graham Gouldman. And so, the 10cc story has come full circle."


Kevin created a second video for 10cc's mega-hit "I'm Not In Love." Kevin explains, "I directed and edited this film to visually enhance the current 10cc touring band's live performance of 'I'm Not In Love' and it was a 100% labour of love."


Watch the video for "I'm Not In Love"


"I'm Not In Love" was written by band members Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman and is known for its innovative and distinctive backing track, composed mostly of the band's multitracked vocals. Released in the UK in May 1975 as the second single from the band's third album "The Original Soundtrack," it became the second of the group's three number-one singles in the UK between 1973 and 1978, topping the UK singles chart for two weeks. The song was also the band's breakthrough hit worldwide, reaching number one in Ireland and Canada and number two on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US, as well as reaching the top 10 in Australia, New Zealand and several European countries.


"I'm Not In Love" was originally conceived as a bossa nova song played on guitars, but Kevin Godley and Lol Creme disliked the track and it was abandoned. However, after hearing members of their staff continue to sing the melody around their studio, Stewart persuaded the group to give the song another chance, to which Godley replied that for the song to work it needed to be radically changed, and suggested that the band should try and create a new version using just voices.


Along with the 2 new videos, Kevin Godley created and starred in a previous innovative video for the song "Somewhere In Hollywood" which 10cc have used in concert during the past couple of years.


Watch the video for "Somewhere In Hollywood"


In other news, Kevin Godley recently started recording his highly anticipated new solo album "MUSCLE MEMORY." What makes this album special, along with being his very first solo album, is that it will be comprised of collaborations between Kevin and a cast of musicians he has only met via email or Skype, who have submitted instrumental tracks that he has chosen to turn into songs. Kevin is also in the early stages of pre-production to direct his first feature film, "The Gate," based on Orson Welles' adventures in Ireland circa 1931.


Kevin Godley's official website: http://www.kevin-godley.com/

10cc featuring Graham Gouldman's official website: https://www.10cc.world/





“Flowers At The Scene” album by Tim Bowness.


Tim Bowness let us know recently about his new album “Flowers At The Scene”


Produced by no-man, Flowers At The Scene is a vibrant collection of 11 strikingly diverse songs.


Representing the duo of Tim Bowness and Steven Wilson's first joint production in over a decade, the album features stunning performances from an extraordinary cast of players including Peter Hammill (Van Der Graaf Generator), Andy Partridge (XTC), Kevin Godley (10cc), Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree), Jim Matheos (Fates Warning/OSI), David Longdon (Big Big Train), co-producer Brian Hulse (Plenty), Australian trumpeter Ian Dixon, and drummers Tom Atherton and Dylan Howe (Wilko Johnson). The album features a backing vocal appearance from Kevin Godley (on the song What Lies Here).


It will be available as a CD in deluxe digipak, 180g black vinyl in gatefold cover with insert and CD and a 180g red vinyl edition in gatefold cover with insert and CD.


Released on 1st March, all pre-orders from Tim's store -  https://burningshed.com/store/timbowness - come with an exclusive signed greeting card and an exclusive free mp3 EP that includes a Kevin Godley lead vocal version of What Lies Here.


The album will also be available from Amazon, Spotify etc etc.


Read how Tim got Kevin to work with him here



Vic Emerson Obituary…*(with thanks to Guy Mowbray/The Guardian)


Vic Emerson, who has died aged 69 of pancreatic cancer, was a keyboard player with Mandalaband, Sad Café and 10cc. He co-wrote the single Every Day Hurts, which was a huge hit for Sad Café in 1979.


He was born in Prestwich near Manchester, the son of Ben Emerson, a tailor, and his wife, Myra. Vic was always a talented musician; he had his first piano lessons at four and passed his grade six exam at the age of 12, while at Bury grammar school. In the early 1960s he bought a Hammond organ to play at home, and when he left school he became a cinema organist in Stockport.


In the 60s Vic worked the cabaret circuit, playing keyboards, and became a session musician at Camel Studios near Stockport, where he met the drummer Tony Cresswell, guitarist Ashley Mulford and bass player John Stimpson, later to form Sad Café with him. The engineer at the studios, Dave Rohl, was working on an album called Mandalaband and asked Vic to put some keyboards on it. “Not long after, Dave went down to London,” Vic told me. “He came back with a record deal with Chrysalis Records. I was apparently a member of a band [Mandalaband] when I didn’t know there was one.”


By 1976 Mandalaband had broken up. Vic moved into a flat in Manchester with Stimpson, and they were looking to form a new band. “We needed a singer. John told me there was a friend of his playing at Manchester Polytechnic students’ union. There were two acts on. The first act didn’t happen. The next singer sang two lines. That guy had it. The band was Gyro. The singer was Paul Young. We offered Paul a deal.” It was the birth of Sad Café.


According to Vic, the story behind Every Day Hurts is that, “The music was mostly mine. The melody on the verse is Paul Young’s. The sad truth of Every Day Hurts was I wrote it at my house in Blackpool when my dad was dying, although the lyrics are Paul’s.” The song was also co-written by Stimpson. It reached No 3 in the UK charts.


In the early 80s Vic toured with 10cc and played on their albums Ten Out of 10 and Windows in the Jungle. He stayed with Sad Café until 1984.


The following year he went to Paris to do some sessions and a tour, and decided to stay. He lived and worked there for 33 years. After Young died aged 53 in 2000, Vic contributed a handful of tracks for a posthumous Paul Young album, Chronicles, which was released in 2011.


Vic Emerson (far left) and the other members of Sad Café. He co-wrote the band’s biggest hit, Every Day Hurts





Graham takes his 10cc on tour in 2019…


Graham Gouldman will be taking his touring 10cc on the road in 2019. March will be a busy month as he goes to Scotland, Wales and England. The dates have just  been added to our dates page. There are also three dates for the end of April & early May.



Ringo Starr’s Summer Tour reaches USA…


Graham Gouldman is currently touring Eurpoe with Ringo Starr & His All-Star Band. In September Ringo is taking his tour to America, staring off in Tulsa, Oklahoma and finishing up in Los Angeles, California. Tour details, as ever, on the dates page.



Heart Full Of Songs Tour 2019…


Graham Gouldman will be taking his Heart Full Of Songs tour abroad in 2019. A week of concerts next February will take place in the Netherlands. They’ve  been added to our dates page, as well as ticket links.



10cc: New concert date in  the Netherlands…


10cc will open the new season of concerts at the Openlucht Theater in Eibergen on May 26th. It’s been added to our dates page. A direct link to online ticket purchases can be found here


10cc: The Worst Band In The World by Liam Newton…


We have been sent a video trailer in mp4 format of Kevin Godley for Liam Newton’s updated book 10cc: The Worst Band In The World. Click on the link to download and watch.



10cc live on demand concert…


We received an email this week…


Joerg here, from national public radio SWR1, Germany.

Just wanted to inform you about an on-demand-concert video, that we will air this Monday, April 2nd: "10cc live at SWR1 Musik Klub unterwegs"

The link will be posted on our Facebook-Page

http://facebook.com/swr1bw on April 2nd at 11:00 MEZ. (10.00 BST)

It's a concert, that 10CC did with us for our show "SWR1 Musik Klub unterwegs" at Capitol Mannheim - almost 90 minutes really worth watching, the audience was amazed.

You are welcome to share the link on your website or share the facebook post on Monday, once it is online.

Kind regards and Happy Easter “


Website addresses…


We have been advised that the website address for Graham’s touring 10cc has been changed… it used to be 10ccworld.com but it has now become 10cc.world Click on the link and it will take you there. We are in the process of going through all the web-links we have and we will publish an updated page in the near future.


10cc: The Worst Band In The World by Liam Newton…


We have been informed by the author, Liam Newton, that his 10cc biography has been fully revised and updated and includes a new foreword by Kevin Godley. You can obtain an ‘earlybird discount’ by registering asap at 10ccbook.com.



Two sets of 2018 tour dates added…


Just are the dates for Ringo Starr’s summer tour which Graham Gouldman is guesting on. We also bring you the dates for Graham’s touring 10cc’s UK tour this coming October and November.



Ivor Novello Award being auctioned… and it could be yours…


An original Ivor Novello award honouring one of the best pop songs ever made - I’m Not In Love by 10cc – is expected to spark a worldwide bidding battle. The ground-breaking song, number one in the UK singles charts for two weeks in 1975, won the band worldwide acclaim and three Ivor Novello awards for Best Pop Song, International Hit of the Year and Most Performed British Work.

It reached number one in Ireland and Canada, number two in the US and made the top 10 in Australia, New Zealand and several European countries.

Now 10cc fans have a chance to call the award for Most Performed British Work their own when it comes up for auction at Hansons Auctioneers on March 14 with an estimate of £1,500-£2,000.

It belongs to 10cc’s former co-manager Ric Dixon – a man who played a part in bringing the musical geniuses together. It will be sold alongside a gold disc presented to him to recognise sales of more than 100,000 copies of 10cc’s Greatest Hits 1972-1978, estimate £200-£300.

Click on the link for more details.


Strawberry Studios (Stockport) exhibition extended…


The exhibition at Stockport Museum celebrating the legendary Stockport recording studios known as Strawberry has been granted an extension and an update. It will be open until September 30th 2018. Admission is free. The exhibition explores Strawberry’s musical heritage and how 50 years on, the Studios still remain preserved in history.




Tour News Updates…


We’ve just been sent the Australia 2018 tour dates. You can find them on our dates page, along with an extra German concert date.


Update from Kevin Godley…


Back in August we told you about Kevin’s bold plans for a “solo” album. Well, we can bring you a brand new track from this endeavor called “All Bones Are White” Click on this link to head to the demo mix and artist interview.



In The Round for Graham, this time in Nashville, Tennessee in the US…


Graham Gouldman is performing with Beth Nielsen Chapman, Gordon Kennedy and Keb Mo’ in an “In The Round” benefit concert at the Bluebird Café, Nashville TN. Click on the link for pre-sale tickets


Personnel change for Graham’s touring 10cc…


As a result of diverging interests, long-time band member Mick Wilson has left 10cc to pursue other projects. 

He is replaced by Iain Hornal who has worked with 10cc on several occasions when Mick was unavailable. Iain supported 10cc on its last UK tour and is a key member of Graham Gouldman’s Heart Full of Songs band, which toured the UK in October.

10cc returns to live shows in March with five concerts in Germany, eight in Holland and a 12-show tour of Australia in April, summer festivals in Europe and a UK tour being planned for the autumn.

”Mick has been a friend and a valued member of the band for many years and I wish him all the very best for the future,” says 10cc’s Graham Gouldman

Paul – Iain – Graham – Rick - Keith


Graham’s going on tour in 2018…but it’s not what you think…


Graham Gouldman has accepted an invitation to join Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band for a tour of Europe next summer.


Ringo has kept the same band line-up for several years, but wanted a change for the next tour and approached Graham with the idea some months ago. The All Starr Band also features Steve Lukather of Toto, Gregg Rolie of Santana, Men At Work’s Colin Hay, Warren Ham (whose credits include working with Toto, Donna Summer and Olivia Newton-John) and Gregg Bissonette (Santana, Toto and ELO).


“I didn’t need to think about it,” says Graham. “As I’ve said before, without the Beatles there wouldn’t have been a 10cc, so to be asked to join Ringo’s band is a huge honour and very exciting. It’ll also be a great pleasure to play alongside such esteemed musicians as Steve, Warren and the others.”


The 21-date tour will take the band to Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Israel and Italy. Click on the link for more details.


Before the Ringo tour, Graham and 10cc will tour Germany, Holland and Australia through March and April. with a UK tour being planned for the autumn. 10cc will also be playing festivals across Europe during July-August.




Graham’s selling a 6 song EP…Part 2


 In September a 6-track EP was available at concerts on Graham’s Heart Full Of Songs tour … click the cover for details.



Graham adds four Germany dates for next March…


March 2018 sees Graham and his touring 10cc play four dates in Germany followed by 8 dates in the Netherlands. See the dates page  for details.




And now, Part 2 of a blog…


Last month we posted a link to Jason Barnard’s blog which featured an interview with Eric Stewart. We can now bring you the second and final part.



Graham’s ‘Love And Work’ CD gets turned into a double LP…


Getting released on 22nd September this year, “Love And Work’ is coming to you as a 180g DOUBLE VINYL LP and features two bonus tracks that weren’t on the initial CD release. Click on this link for details…


We bring you Part 1 of a blog…


To tie in with the release of Eric Stewart’s e-autobiography “The Things I Do For Love” and his 2CD Anthology, Eric talks with Jason Barnard in the first of two podcasts covering his remarkable career. Click on this link to take you to Part 1…


Kevin Godley’s releasing a “solo” album…


Kevin wants YOUR help on his new album. Click on the LINK to find out more details about it…



Graham’s selling a 6 song EP…


Fans will be able to purchase a specially recorded 6 song EP this September at concerts on Graham’s Heart Full Of Songs tour. As yet, details are not available for track listing and price. The list of concerts can be seen on the dates page.



Speaking of boxsets, there’s artwork too…


Follow this link to preorder exclusive signed artwork, prints and posters in addition to the two superb 10cc & Godley and Creme Box Sets.



Guess who else has a boxset coming out soon…


This September will see the release of Godley & Creme : Body Of Work 1978-1978 by Caroline International. It can currently be pre-ordered for GBP 23.94


This box features music from Kevin Godley and Lol Creme that spans 10 years. The first CD combines 1977’s L and its follow-up Freeze Frame. The next album, 1981’s Ismism (aka Snack Attack) shares space with 1983’s Bird Of Prey on another ‘two-fer’ disc (although a close look at the track listing confirms that the last song on that album – Out In The Cold – is bumped to the start of CD3!). The History Mix Volume 1 (which features the hit single Cry) and their final album Goodbye Blue Sky fill out the next two CDs and the final disc contains single A-sides, B-sides and an extended version. Click here for track details.




Eric Stewart’s 2CD ANTHOLOGY is released on July 21st on Cherry Red. Universal release the 10cc 4CD boxset BEFORE / DURING / AFTER on July 28th (also as a 2CD set)



Universal release 10cc boxset…


This July, Universal will issue Before During After – The Story of 10cc, a new 10cc four-CD box set curated with input from the band to “detail each and every chapter of their musical story”. The box features the band together and apart and therefore features work from artists like Paul McCartney, the Art of Noise, Wax and Godley and Creme.



CD one is basically a 10cc ‘best of’ while the second disc is dubbed ‘What We Did Next‘ and here’s where it gets interesting. Eric Stewart co-wrote six songs on Paul McCartney‘s 1986 album Press To Play and one of these tracks, Pretty Little Head, is included on disc two. However, it’s the single mix that features here, which was radically remixed by Larry Alexander for the seven-inch single. This version has never been issued on CD, so this is a genuine rarity.


The other two discs are ‘And Friends‘ which features collaborations and production work (if you bought Strawberry Bubblegum a few years ago, you have this disc) , while the final CD ‘Before 10cc – The Early Years‘ which has work from early beat group The Mindbenders which featured Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman and Hotlegs which was an early incarnation of 10cc.


Before During After – The Story of 10cc is released on 28 July 2017. It can be pre-ordered from HMV or Amazon UK for GBP39.99

However, a two-CD edition called During After which only features the first two discs in the box, can be pre-ordered for just GBP9.99


For more information, click here


Eric gets a release date for his Anthology…


The Eric Stewart Anthology double CD will be released by Cherry Red Records on July 21st.


Track listing as follows :


Disc One


Disc Two

1. Age of Consent


16. The Ritual, parts 1, 2 and 3

2. Code of Silence


17. Do the Books

3. Everything is Not Enough


18. Never Say I Told You So

4. Margo Wants the Mustard


19. Make the Pieces Fit

5. Night and Day


20. Girls

6. More and More Each Day (was I Will Love You Tomorrow)


21. Viva la Difference

7. Les Nouveaux Riches


22. We're Not Alone

8. A Human, Being


23. Word of the Mouth

9. Yvonne's the One


24. Sleep at Night

10. You Are Not Me


25. Can't Get Enough

11. A Friend In Need


26. It's in the Blood

12. Can't Take It With You


27. Friends Like These

13. This Must Be Heaven ( was The Gods Are Smiling)


28. Do Not Bend

14. Heaven Knows (was Sleeping With the Ghosts)


29. No, No Nettie

15. Doris the Florist


30. Guitaaaaaarghs



31. Strictly Business





Graham takes his Heart Full Of Songs on tour again…


This September sees Graham Gouldman embark on a 22 date tour of England, Scotland and Wales with his Heart Full Of Songs tour. The complete list can be seen on the dates page.



Graham co-writes with Emily Barker…


Wikipedia says “Emily Barker (born 2 December 1980) is an Australian singer-songwriter, musician and composer. Her music has featured as the theme to award winning BBC dramas Wallander and The Shadow Line. With multi-instrumental trio The Red Clay Halo, she has recorded four albums: Photos.Fires.Fables. (2006), Despite The Snow (2008), Almanac (2011), and Dear River (2013), whilst releasing a solo album The Toerag Sessions (2015). Other projects include Vena Portae (with Dom Coyote and Ruben Engzell) and Applewood Road (with Amy Speace and Amber Rubarth).


Her latest album is called “Sweet Kind of Blue” and features a track called “Tomorrow Be Now” which she co-wrote with Graham Gouldman. The album was released on May 19th 2017. Click on photo’s of CD & Lyrics to enlarge them.




Gig For Life not being held in 2017…


The organisers of the Gig For Life festival, due to take place on May 27th, have announced that they had to make the difficult decision to postpone the event due to unforeseen circumstances, but with a view to running it in 2018 instead.

Apologies to all that entered our competition to win tickets.


However on the 26th May, Graham’s 10cc will be appearing in concert at the Natuurtheater de Kersouwe, Heeswijk-Dinther in the Netherlands. Tickets are still available from this website for €35.00. Event details can be found here




Later… With Jools Holland… UPDATE


Graham’s 10cc will be appearing on “Later… With Jools Holland” on Tuesday May 9th. The ½ hour show will be broadcast on BBC2 at 10pm BST. They’ll be performing one of three songs on the Tuesday night show… The Wall Street Shuffle, Art For Art’s Sake and I’m Not In Love. However they’ll perform all three in the longer airing of the show at 11.05pm 12th May.


Graham’s Record Store Day Appearance…


After a few months of touring, there’s nothing Graham likes more than to go along to Davids Music Store in Letchworth, Herts, and hold a 45 minute singing and signing set. And that’s just what he did on April 22nd. A big thank you to Andy Oaten, the manager at Davids Music Store, for the photo’s and CD details.








Graham’s 10cc at Tom Kerridge Presents Pub In The Park…LIMITED OFFER


Welcome to Tom Kerridge presents Pub in the Park, 19-21 May, Marlow, Bucks, England. Tickets are for Sunday evening’s session: 6pm – 10:30pm.


Expect Sunday evening to be full of the very best food, drink and music. Ten of the UK’s top pubs and restaurants will be serving tasting dishes for you to purchase whilst some of the best chefs & guests in Britain will be joining Tom over the weekend to share their tips and tricks of the trade through demos and masterclasses.  After you’ve spent the day grazing on a selection of delicious food and drink, then kick back in front of the live stage and listen to headliners 10cc, Fun Lovin’ Criminals and The Rifles!


Please also note that this a limited offer until Sunday 16th April at midnight. Click here and use the code when you book: 10cc





Graham’s 10cc planning a busy weekend in May…


The day before the “Gig For Life” concert in Kent, Graham’s 10cc will be appearing in concert at the Natuurtheater de Kersouwe, Heeswijk-Dinther in the Netherlands. Tickets can be purchased from this website for €35.00. Event details can be found here


Graham co-writes a song for Joe McElderry


Word has reached the news desk that Graham Gouldman along with Elliot Davis and Adam Bard have co-written a song called Gloria for Joe McElderry. Joseph "Joe" McElderry is an English singer and songwriter. He won the sixth series of the ITV show The X Factor in 2009. His first single "The Climb" reached number two on the UK Singles Chart and reaching number one in the Irish Singles Charts. His song can be pre-ordered on Amazon, it has a release date of 23rd March 2017



Eric Stewart’s e-book gets a release date…


Eric Stewart's long-awaited e-book “Things I Do For Love” is released on Apple iBooks on 15th March 2017. It contains hundreds of photos, links to music and video clips of Eric and Lol in conversation. We have no word on price yet but once we know, we will of course let you know too. As to being released in other formats, Eric is considering it for the future…


In other Eric related news, Cherry Red are currently planning a summer release for the (also long-awaited) Eric Stewart compilation CD which will, we are informed, feature some tracks from Frooty Rooties which have never been officially released on CD before. Stay tuned for more details as and when.


This information was announced on Eric’s website today.


Win TWO Tickets for “Gig For Life”…


The organisers of “Gig For Life” have kindly donated a pair of tickets to the10ccfanclub.com for the 10cc concert on May 27th (see below for concert details) for which we shall hold a draw. To enter the draw for the tickets, just send us your name and address in an email to competition@the10ccfanclub.com. Once the winners have been selected, the festival organisers will be informed so they can sort out the tickets for you. One entry per person please. The winner’s name will be announced on this website. No correspondence will be entered into. Names and email addresses will not be passed on to anyone else. Closing date for the competition is Saturday May 13th.


Gig For Life find their headline act…


On Saturday May 27th, there will be a NEW music festival called Gig For Life. It is being held at the Hop Farm, Paddock Wood, Kent and 10cc will be the headline act. The website is https://www.gigforlife.co.uk and the festival is raising money in aid of Cancer Research UK.



25 Year Old Cassette Found…


A very rare cassette tape found its way into our archives recently… as you can see, it contains three rough (but genuine) mixes of Wonderland, Woman In Love and Stars Didn’t Show.






New radio show to highlight Graham Gouldman


4th January 2017 on BBC Radio 2… New Series featuring Suzi Quatro with favourtite singers/songwriters. She starts with Graham Gouldman, responsible for mid-1960s pop gems for the Yardbirds (For Your Love, heart Full Of Soul, Evil Hearted You), the Hollies (Look Through Any Window, Bus Stop) and Herman’s Hermits (No Milk Today, East West). BBC iPlayer should carry the show for a while if you miss it “live”.


New exhibition celebrates Strawberry Studios (Stockport) …


27th January 2017 until 29th January 2018… There will be a unique exhibition at Stockport Museum celebrating the legendary Stockport recording studios known as Strawberry. Admission is free. The exhibition explores Strawberry’s musical heritage and how 50 years on, the Studios still remain preserved in history.




Nigel Gray – producer of Godley & Creme albums…


Nigel Gray, engineer, producer (born in 1947), died in Cornwall on 30th July. Best known for his work as a producer with The Police and Godley & Creme, among others, he won a Grammy for The Police’s Zenyatta Mondatta and the tracks Don’t Stand So Close To Me and Behind My Camel.

A qualified medical doctor, he converted a village hall in Leatherhead, Surrey, into the four-track Surrey Sound Studios in 1974, upgrading it to 16-track in 1977 and 24-track in 1979. The Police recorded their first three albums there, while The Lotus Eaters, Latin Quarter and Siouxsie & The Banshees cut hits there, and Godley & Creme laid down five albums. Gray’s extensive work as both engineer and producer includes sets by Wishbone Ash, Tank, The Professionals, Girlschool and Hazel O’Connor. He sold the studio in 1987 and retired.




10cc Tour Ticket news…


We just received an email from the agents…

Tickets for the newly announced (Tuesday 25th) 10cc major cities tour next March-April are available exclusively to 10cc fanclub folk on Wednesday (26th) via the live band's website www.10ccworld.com.


The 2017 UK tour dates have been announced. They can be seen on the dates page.



10cc visit the bank…


Two photo’s appeared on the News desk this week. We would like to thank Paul Fay for sharing them with us. He says “They were my sister-in-law’s, whose name at the time was Sue Welsh. She used to work at the National Westminster Bank shown in the photo’s”

Click on the links to see Photograph 1 and Photograph 2


Six out of 50…


Just like Yesterday”, “I Surrender”, “You Are My Lifeline” and “When All Is Said And Done” are new songs written by Graeme Pleeth and Graham Gouldman, and have all been recorded by Tony Christie (who you may remember sang “Is This The Way To Amarillo” and “Avenues And Alleyways” many moons ago) for his new album entitled “50 Golden Greats”. Also appearing on the same CD in this set are Graham Gouldman’sHave You Ever Been to Georgia” (original by Garden Odyssey on the Strawberry Bubblegum CD) and “Dancing Days” a Graham Gouldman/Gary Burr composition which Graham released on his …And Another thing” album





New website launched…


News reached us this week of a new website that has been launched. See if you can guess by whom...


The address is kevin-godley.com



Win tickets to see 10cc and other artists…


The organisers of the Greenwich Music Time concerts in July contacted us today…

We’re able to offer some free tickets to see 10cc at the Greenwich Music Time Festival for free, if you’re interested in sending competition details out on your news page.

This is the link to the competition on our website: https://www.ornc.org/news/win-a-pair-of-tickets-to-greenwich-music-time-2016

This is the Facebook link with all the information about the competition: https://www.facebook.com/oldroyalnavalcollege/posts/993451337369339


PLEASE NOTE : This competition is NOT being run by the Fan Club.



And now a party political broadcast on behalf of the BREXIT party…


We’re not a political website. We just bring you the 10cc-related news. It seems Trevor Horn and Lol Creme have come up with a new song… here’s the link. “The Referendum Game” was produced by Trevor Horn and ex 10 CC star Lol Creme helped write the music. Vocals are by Art Wellesley.



Busy weekend, it seems…


News has just reached us of another concert for the same weekend in June (see below) for 10cc…

Sunday 18th June sees the third day/night of Rock On Windermere and 10cc are the headline act that night.

Ticket details can be found at www.rockonwindermere.co.uk



More concert details…


The Operations Manager, Dean Turner, just sent us an email for an upcoming event…


“Hi Gents,

Just thought I would send you a quick email about Westside Proms.

Westside Proms is set to be the first concert in the new Tropicana.

The venue made world famous by Bankys Dismaland.

The venue has seen a transformation since the close of Dismaland and now the first show to take place is Westside Proms.

10cc headline on Saturday 18th June Tickets a fantasic £25.00.





Tickets Available from https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/event/EGEGKD


The concerts will also be taking place over the weekend of Weston Air show so the band will be a great finish to a fantastic day of airplane displays including the Red Arrows.

Hope you might join us.

Kind regards





Charity concert announced…


Graham Gouldman is taking part in a charity concert on July 2nd this year. The concert is the Wintershall Charity Rock Concert at Slades Farm, Thornecombe Street, Bramley in Surrey. The band line-up includes Roger Taylor (Queen), Mike Rutherford of Mike & The Mechanics/Genesis fame, Steve Harley (Cockney Rebel) and jeff beck & Friends as well as Spike Edney & the SAS Band, to name a few…

Details can be found here. The website proudly states “You are cordially invited to join the Hutley Family at the 7th Wintershall Charity Rock Concert for a black-tie picnic evening”




Another 10cc gig announced…


10cc are headlining Sat 4 June at the Wychwood Festival in Cheltenham. Click on the link for more details and a link to the Festival’s ticket page.


Another auction announced…


There are several lots of excellent 10cc memorabilia on the Auction site “TracksAuction.com” which opens on line March 23rd and goes “live” April 3rd… they are as follows…


Lot 07A - 10cc 1975/76 I’m Not In Love Ivor Novello Award

An original Ivor Novello award for the 1975 10cc single I’m Not In Love that was presented to the music publisher St. Annes Music for Best International Hit Of The Year. The award ceremony took place at the Dorchester Hotel, London in January 1976. 10cc were awarded three Ivor Novello awards in the categories of Most Performed Song Of The Year, Best Pop Song and International Hit Of The Year.

The statue and plinth stand 30cm (11.75 inches) tall. The condition of the award is very good plus.

Estimate £800 - £1200 Starting Price £800


Lot 07B - The Original Soundtrack 10CC Ric Dixon UK BPI Gold Sales Award

An original UK BPI sales award presented to Ric Dixon to commemorate the sale in the United Kingdom or more than £250,000  worth of the 10cc 1975  Mercury Records LP The Original Soundtrack.  The award consists of a gold disc mounted with a BPI sales plaque and a small square featuring the album cover artwork on the original red matte background in a gold coloured metal frame.

The frame measures 41cm x 51cm x 2cm (16 inches x 20 inches x 0.75 inches).  There is some light scratching to the frame.  The condition of the award is very good.

Estimate £200 - £400 Starting Price £200


Lot 07C - Deceptive Bends 10cc Ric Dixon Australian Gold Sales Award

An original Australian Phonogram PTY Limited sales award presented to 10cc to commemorate Australian Sales of more than 20,000 of the 1977 LP Deceptive Bends.  The award consists of a gold disc mounted with a Phonogram PTY Limited sales plaque on a black matte background in a gold coloured frame.

The frame measures 50.5cm x 60cm x 3.5cm (20 inches x 23.5 inches x 1.25 inches).  The condition of the award is very good minus.

Estimate £200 - £400 Starting Price £200


Lot 07D - 10cc Deceptive Bends Stereo Reviews Record Of The Year Award

An original Record Of The Year Award for 1977 presented to Mercury Records for the 10cc LP Deceptive Bends from the USA magazine entitled Stereo Review.  The award consists of a silver framed  plaque with a black background and white printed writing.

The award measures 25.5cm x 20.5cm (10 inches x 8 inches).  The condition of the award is very good minus.

Estimate £100 - £200 Starting Price £100


Lot 07E 10cc Signed Programme And Collection Of Tour Memorabilia

A 1977 10cc Deceptive Bends tour programme that has been signed on the cover by all six group members.  Eric Stewart, Graham Gouldman, Tony O Malley, Rick Fenn, Stuart Tosh and Paul Burgess have each signed their full names in a black ballpoint pen.

The programme measures 21cm x 30cm (8.25 inches x 11.75 inches).  The condition of the programme is very good plus.

Also included in the lot are a collection of items relating to 10cc.  The items are as follows: a Dutch Edison Awards programme, an Australian Tour ‘77 sticker, a Mercury Records merchandising poster, a Japanese 1977 Rockupation press kit, a UK press kit and 2 Japanese Rockupation tour programmes.

Estimate £50 - £100 Starting Price £50


Lot 07F - 10cc 1980 European Tour Jacket

A white 10cc 1980 European Tour jacket of the type that would have been issued to the personnel and crew on the tour. The jacket has the 10cc logo with the text ‘Euro Tour 80’ on the front right side. It was manufactured by Avon Sportswear, Toronto, Canada. Size medium.

The condition of the jacket is excellent.

Estimate £50 to £100 Starting Price £50


These items are from the collection of the former 10cc co-manager Ric Dixon.  Ric began his career as a musician.  He went on to be the owner of The Oasis Club in Manchester and later managed The Mindbenders.  However Ric is best remembered for his successful management of 10cc during the peak years of the band.  He was also instrumental in bringing over Abba to the UK for their  1979 tour.  Ric was an associate at Kennedy Street Enterprises, Manchester and subsequently became heavily involved with the creation of Strawberry Studios in Stockport.


Bidding starts tomorrow, March 24th and concludes with a live online event on 3rd April.




We don’t do this very often but…


Someone is selling some memorabilia on ebay.co.uk…






Starting bid is £500.00 and the auction ends on the 2nd March. The write-up reads as follows

Here is a unique oportunity to own a piece of music history, the orginal name plaque of the ledgendary strawberry recording studios in stockport, at the time it was the abbey road of the north and the home of 10cc biggest hits, including "im not in love"

By the way, this auction closed out with just one bid for the starting price of £500.00.



10cc and a special ticket sale…


10cc will be appearing at the Greenwich Music Time festival at the Old Royal Naval College, London on Saturday 9th July 2016.


There is a special pre-sale ticket link for 10cc fans shown below.


Pre-Sale - Wed / Thu 17th & 18th Feb


General sale - Fri 19th Feb


Pre-Sale for 10cc fans  ->  http://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/event/1F00504BC0D9B682?did=ukpso2


General Sale - www.GreenwichMusicTime.co.uk


10cc and England & Wales…


The 2017 tour dates are announced today. They can be seen on the dates page. Tickets go on sale in early February.


10cc and the Isle of Man…


Graham’s touring 10cc will be performing in the Royal Hall at the Villa Marina on the Isle of Man this coming April. For full details click on the link here.



Kevin: “I don’t own my dog, I love him…”


Another article has cropped up about Kevin Godley. This time it’s about him and his dog “The Rogue”

Read it here


Eric and a Melbourne radio station, back in 2013…


We received an email from an Australian lady by the name of Virginia Munro. She gave us a link to a podcast which features an interview with Eric. Virginia says “Anyway, Eric gave a lovely interview with a Melbourne radio station in 2013. He comes across as very approachable, likeable, down to earth and he loves Australia!  I also love what he wrote about friendship on Do Not Bend.  I’m with him there - you don’t turn your back on your friends when they need you.  It’s an honour that they trust you enough to open up.” So here’s the link.


Speaking of Eric…


HAPPY BIRTHDAY from all at the fan club website on behalf of all your fans around the globe.

71 today, 71 today. He’s got the key of the door, never been seventy one before.


Kevin helps out with an article on the Gizmotron


Tom Avis contacted us recently…

“An article I wrote about the Gizmotron was just published that I thought might be of interest. I had the good fortune to get to speak to Kevin Godley about the history of the device so there's a bunch of information on it that he was able to give me, some of which hasn't been published before. There's a link below. If you'd be up for sharing it that would be very much appreciated.”

Read it here




What's music legend KEVIN GODLEY (10cc / Godley & Creme) doing now?


HOG FEVER the Ear Movie, that's what.


RICHARD LA PLANTE: I’m dribbling into a microphone in a tiny LA sound studio, trying to record an audio book of my memoir HOG FEVER and the sound engineer looks as bored as I feel. Then a thought hits me like the crack of thunder from a V-Twin exhaust. Boom! Why don’t I do the Hog Fever screenplay, not the book, and get real actors, Terence Stamp, sound effects, Rock music, the works? I’ll phone my writing buddy, Kevin Godley - the Scorsese of music video and we’ll call it an, an


KEVIN GODLEY: An Ear Movie? Damn right! Once Terence was in, I was, but what the hell is an Ear Movie anyway? Well, it’s a pure audio experience with music plus all the production values of a movie but without any er…pictures! Anyway, once we started writing, a few things became obvious. A) Lose anything that relies on seeing. B) Don’t get lost in sound for sound’s sake. C) Write until your eyes bleed…but hey, who needs eyes, anyway? We’re making an EAR MOVIE!


“HOG FEVER should be outlawed. It's contagious.” - Sunday Times


Midway between the satire of Spinal Tap and the pathos of American Beauty lies the schizophrenic state of mind known as Hog Fever. On the surface this is the story of a man, a motorcycle, and a teetering bank balance. But lurking beneath is the story of a lost soul in search of freedom - or at least one last stab at it. Motivated by the emasculating success of his British screenwriter wife and a love of Easy Rider and The Wild One, Robert Lourdes, a struggling American author on the cusp of forty, finds solace in the Harley-Davidson legend. Hog Fever is Robert's comedy of errors as he embarks on a toot, tattoo-and-testosterone-fueled quest to find himself.


The HOG FEVER CD and download comprises Episodes 1 through 5 plus bonus music soundtrack including 4 original songs by Kevin Godley (10 CC, Godley & Creme, GG/06) ‘The Bad & The Beautiful’ ‘Work Song’ ‘Just Write’ and ‘Confession.’ and a special track by Daniel Ash (Bauhaus, Love and Rockets) ‘Flame On.’


*Features Oscar nominee Terence Stamp and a full supporting cast

*Adapted for the ears by Kevin Godley from Richard La Plante's memoir Hog Fever

*Directed by Kevin Godley

*Produced by Escargot Books

*Sound design by Kevin Godley and Ivan Jackman

*Original songs by Richard La Plante, Mark Ling, Daniel Ash, Billy Goodrum, and Kevin Godley

*Original songs produced by Greg Penny and Kevin Godley

*Incidental music written and produced by Kevin Godley and Ivan Jackman


TERENCE STAMP: is an actor. His first title role, in Peter Ustinov’s Billy Budd, earned him a Golden Globe, in 1962 and an Academy Nomination.  He followed this with Modesty Blaise, Poor Cow and Far From The Madding Crowd, his classic portrayal of General Zod in Superman and Superman II, then the films Wall Street, Legal Eagles, The Hit and his award-winning performance in Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert. The title role in Steven Soderbergh’s The Limey, returned him to leading man status and recently Stamp has worked beside Jim Carrey, Tom Cruise, and Matt Damon. His latest film is Big Eyes, directed by Tim Burton. His first Ear Movie is Hog Fever, directed by Kevin Godley.


RICHARD LA PLANTE: is a musician, songwriter and the bestselling author of eight novels and two memoirs, including HOG FEVER, on which this fictionalized Ear Movie is based.


KEVIN GODLEY: is a musician, writer, artist, inventor, and award-winning music video director. He was a founder member of Art Rock band 10cc and Godley & Creme. His music video credits include the Beatles, U2, Peter Gabriel, Sting, Keane, Eric Clapton, Snow Patrol, Alabama 3, and Lou Reed. He is also the founder of WholeWorldBand, an audio/video music collaboration app.


To purchase HOG FEVER:






Storm Thorgerson and Hipgnosis


Just posted by Graham Gouldman on Facebook…


"Hi to all the 10cc and Graham Gouldman fans.

My film has just been released on the LP design work of Storm Thorgerson and Hipgnosis and as you know, Storm did loads of fantastic imagery for 10cc over the decades - probably the longest collaboration other than that with Pink Floyd.

Graham appears in the film as well as Storm talking about many of the designs so please check out and also PLEASE SHARE links as distributing the film independently.

DVDs (NTSC but coded "region free") are available here: www.takenbystormfilm.com and streaming at: takenbystorm.vhx.tv

Cheers and happiest of holidays, Roddy Bogawa"


Concert Date for 2016…


Graham’s 10cc will be appearing at the 2016 “Concert At The Kings” on Saturday 21st May. Details can be found at the website concertatthekings.co.uk Also appearing will be Suzi Quatro, Big Country and Marmalade. Headlining the concert will be the SAS Band.




Mick Wilson and ‘W.A.L.E’…


We’ve just received some information about getting hold of the “W.A.L.E” album “Come Together”. The CD's can be ordered at info@soundwise.nl. From the end of the first week in November it also will be available on I-Tunes...and Spotify...under W.A.L.E. Come together. The price will be €15 excluding shipping costs


I’m Not In Love : The Story Of 10cc…


BBC Four, in the UK, will be broadcasting this show on Friday December 4th at 10pm GMT.


In celebration of the 40th anniversary of smash hit I'm Not in Love, the original members of 10cc - Graham Gouldman, Eric Stewart, Kevin Godley and Lol Creme - reunite to tell their story. The documentary shares the secrets to some of their most successful records, from the writing and the recording to the tours and the tensions.


With contributions from an impressive array of music industry legends including 10cc's band manager Harvey Lisberg, lyricist Sir Tim Rice, broadcaster Paul Gambaccini, legendary producer Trevor Horn, Stewart Copeland (the Police), Graham Nash (the Hollies) and Dan Gillespie Sells (the Feeling), not only does this film highlight the diversity of these four brilliant musicians' songwriting talent, but it also delves into the influence they had, as well as the politics beneath their acrimonious split in 1976, at the height of their fame.


Our own Dave Jarvis has been helping out with this documentary, as he recently mentioned in an email to the News Desk… “Graham got the producer Charles Thomas from BskyB to get in touch with me some 18 months ago and I have helped them in as many ways as I could. I helped the promotion company compile a lot of photographs and details but I had no involvement with any of the bands interviews, only the audio and photographic images. I sent them the 1973 Strawberry Studios documentary as well.”

Way to go, Dave!


It should be available on the BBC iPlayer shortly after transmission.



Graham Gouldman and BBC Radio…


This coming Saturday, October 10th, Graham Gouldman will be talking to Stephen Smith on BBC Radio 4 about, amongst other things, getting lost in the record shops of his youth, writing "I'm Not in Love" and even composing a new song to lostness as part of Stephen’s programme 'The Loss of Lostness'. The programme airs at 10.30am BST. JUST IN… The song Graham wrote for the show can be heard here


But wait, there’s more…


Graham Gouldman and BBC Radio (again)…


Graham Gouldman will be the guest with Aled Jones on BBC Radio Wales on Sunday October 11th at 1pm BST.




Mick Wilson and ‘Cats In Space’…


Aside from his duties with the 10cc touring band, Mick Wilson has been busy with a new band… “Cats In Space” Their debut single is called Mr Heartache and you can read Dave’s review here.


Graham Gouldman and ‘The SAS Band’…


Taking a break from his duties with the 10cc touring band, Graham Gouldman has signed up with Spike Edney in the SAS Band for a few dates late November/early December this year. For more details click here


Graham Gouldman and ‘The BMI London Awards’…


Graham Gouldman will lead the winners list at this year's BMI London Awards as he takes home the Icon Award for outstanding contribution to this music industry. For more details click here


Mick Wilson and ‘W.A.L.E’…


So, aside from his duties with the 10cc touring band, and the “Cats In Space” band, Mick Wilson has also been busy with another group… “W.A.L.E”. Their album “Come Together” features songs songs written and produced by Harry De Waij and Joos Van Leeuwen and Mick sings lead vocals on all but one of the tracks. You can read Dave’s review here.




Kevin Godley & Spacecake


Dave got an email the other day… we thought we’d let you read it


My name is Lisa Hafey, I'm the editor of essentiallypop.com. 

I've just done a phone interview with Kevin Godley, as a follow up to a piece we wrote about Spacecake. (click here to read that article) It's an hour long interview, and I'm currently transcribing it but it occurred to me that you guys might like to have the links to it. We're going to upload extracts of the interview to our youtube channel as well if we can, because the published interview isn't going to be everything that was covered in the interview, primarily because it's so jolly long :) Anyway, if you're interested, we'll send you the links when it's published.


Lisa Hafey


So… one day later we were sent the interview, hope you all enjoy it




10cc Tour Dates…


 With the pending tour of New Zealand later this year, we thought we’d show you one way it’s being promoted. Click on the link to see.


Andrew Gold…


June 3rd sees the fourth anniversary of the untimely death of Andrew Gold, aged just 59. A previously unreleased live show has been released. Click here to read about it. Details on how to purchase it are here and also on Amazon.




10cc Tour Dates…


 “Due to demand, 10cc have added two more concerts featuring the Sheet Music album performed in its entirety as the first part of the evening, along with Kevin Godley's amazing video contribution. That is followed by the usual all the hits and more.”


We’ve just received news of two dates for August. Buxton and Worthing on the 13th and 20th respectively. If we hear of any more, we will of course bring you details and dates.




10cc Tour Dates…


We’ve just uploaded the latest list of concert dates. Australia, New Zealand and Holland get tours in October, November and March.


Kevin Godley Autobiography Published…


Kevin has recently issued his autobiography “Spacecake” unto the world. It’s available through iBooks using this link


10cc/Godley & Creme Legend Kevin Godley Releases New Book SPACECAKE on iBooks!


Ireland - SPACECAKE chronicles the misadventures of a debauched and dangerous masochist as he tantrums his way through the sleazy worlds of Rock & Roll, music video and technology, each squalid escapade dragging him ever deeper into a repugnant maelstrom of sordid excess...well sort of. A wee bit. Actually...not remotely.


It’s all about the work really.


If you don’t recognize the name, Kevin Godley was a founder member of ground breaking UK band 10cc. (Their single, “I'm Not In Love” continues to be one of the best selling records of all time). As one half of Godley & Creme he went on to pioneer the notion of music video as an art form and was responsible for iconic clips by artists such as Herbie Hancock, The Police, Duran Duran, Lou Reed & Frankie Goes to Hollywood etc, continuing to up his game in solo mode with U2, Frank Sinatra, Paul McCartney, The Beatles & Blur amongst others. KG thrives on re-inventing himself and SPACECAKE, his first book, takes you on an interactive tour of his life via pictures, music, film clips and 27 chapters of abstract insight into how everything from the first hits to WholeWorldBand, his music/video collaboration app, got made. It’s dark in some of the corners though...so make sure you bring a torch.


Kevin Michael Godley (born 7 October 1945, Prestwich, Lancashire, England) is a British musician, writer and music video director.


He was born in a family with Jewish ancestry, and went to North Cestrian Grammar School in Altrincham. His first band was Group 17 which had its origins in the Jewish Lads Brigade (The JLB). The members were Henri Shalam, Bernard Suffrin, Sydney Kaye and Jeffrey Baker, whose father may have inspired the “Sergeant Baker” character in the 10cc song, “Rubber Bullets”.


While attending art college in Manchester Godley met Lol Creme and formed several bands, most notably Hotlegs and 10cc. After leaving 10cc the two became known as Godley & Creme, both as musicians and music video / TV commercials directors. They won many MTV awards for their unique films and were jointly nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Music Video, Long Form for: The Police: Synchronicity Concert in 1986.


Godley writes, sings, and plays drums and percussion and in 1990 conceived and directed the TV music special “One World One Voice” that featured a global piece of music focussing on environmental and ecological issues. Godley also became a vegetarian during this period.


Both Godley and Lol Creme briefly “reunited” with their former 10cc bandmates Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman on the 1992 album, “Meanwhile”. However, Godley claims that their involvement with the project was very limited, as the album was dominated by studio musicians. He performed the lead vocal on “The Stars Didn't Show”, the band's tribute to the late Roy Orbison. It was the only song on the album not sung by Stewart. Following “Meanwhile”, Godley and Creme went their separate ways.


He reunited with another former 10cc member, Graham Gouldman, to record new music in 2006 as GG/06, and together they have recorded six new songs which are available via their website www.gg06.co.uk


Recently, Godley has moved into developing a music platform that combines audio and video to create a global recording studio in the cloud called “WholeWorldBand” (www.wholeworldband.com). The company was nominated for the “SXSW Music Accelerator Award” in 2013 and was one of eight finalists selected from a pool of over 500. 


SPACECAKE, the book, is available for download from iBooks and can be read on any Mac iOS device.









10cc playing in Leeds


It’s been brought to our attention that www.10ccworld.com, the official website of the 10cc touring band, has a shopping page where you can purchase various items… t-shirts, tour programmes, CD’s and mugs.


We’ve been sent the following information…


This coming July 17th 10cc will be performing in Leeds at the Millennium Square. Click on the link to find out ticket prices and availability.


Don’t forget that they are also playing three gigs at the end of May, the third of which is at the Royal Albert Hall, London. Southend and Crawley being the other two.


And now we’ve news of another festival gig… click here for details. Hardwick Live 2015 will have James as the headlining act, joined for the one-day festival by 10cc, Embrace and Razorlight.




2015 Tour Promotion…


We’ve been sent the following information…


I thought you might like to know that we are running a promotion to celebrate the current 10cc tour for anyone purchasing prints from our catalogue (of ten album cover limited editions).

For the first 10 purchasers of a single print we are including a copy of a booklet designed by Storm Thorgerson which has been signed by Graham Gouldman. For anyone buying two or more prints we are including a copy of Aubrey Powell’s new ‘Hipgnosis Portraits’ book which features 10cc of course. 

Best Regards

Rob Smeaton

Hypergallery Limited


Here is a link to our landing page for this promotion: http://tiny.cc/10ccFeb2015





Graham’s Touring 10cc news…


We’ve been sent the following information…


Torquay United AFC is very pleased to announce the launch of Yellowfest, its first music concert inside the Launa Windows Stadium, Plainmoor, Torquay on Saturday, 9th May 2015. Headlining will be the legendary 10cc  plus the magnificent Glenn Tilbrook and Chris Difford (Squeeze) and local bands These Reigning Days, Three Bags Full, The Simmertones, Tesserae and The Esplanades.

Further details, including how to purchase tickets and sponsorship opportunities, can be found by visiting our website www.torquayunited.com or by ringing 01803 328666 Option 0



Eric Stewart news…


The e-book is in its final editorial stages but Eric doesn't know when it will be published. The ES compilation album will be released by Cherry Red and feature a variety of tracks from Frooty Rooties, Girls, Do Not Bend and Viva La Difference. Some tracks will be remixed. There is currently a problem with the licensing of two tracks and this has held up everything else so there's no planned release date yet.


And in case anyone was wondering, Eric will NOT be appearing with Lol Creme and Trevor Horn on March 5th.


Graham Gouldman news…


The soundtrack album for the movie Animalympics can now be downloaded from iTunes.


WAX Videos…


Several WAX videos have very recently emerged onto the internet and the quality is very good indeed. At the moment, we have a total of six songs with seven videos between them. It seems one song got filmed twice. Here are the links…


Ball And Chain : Bridge To Your Heart : In Some Other World :

American English : Right Between The Eyes :


Shadows Of Love (1) : Shadows Of Love (2)






And in March…


…Lol Creme takes to the stage alongside Trevor Horn in a concert at the O2Empire, Shepherd’s Bush, London in early March.



Concert date amendments for February 2015’s UK tour…


The concerts in Ipswich (Oct 13), Watford (Oct 14), Crawley (Nov 3) and Reading (Nov 4) were postponed on the recent tour but have now been reallocated new dates. Ipswich will be February 18th 2015 and Watford is February 23rd. Reading gets a February 5th gig and Crawley May 26th. New dates at Canterbury – February 6th and Southend May 25th have also been added to the tour along with London Royal Albert Hall on May 28th.



After the exceptional success of their festival shows in 2014, which included the 65,000-capacity British Summer Time in Hyde Park and a 23-date provincial theatre tour through October-November, the legendary 10cc are back in 2015 with 17 major concerts and a return to London’s 5,200-capacity Royal Albert Hall.


What is set to be a unique series of performances, the band will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of their highly acclaimed album Sheet Music,- including Top 10 hits The Wall Street Shuffle and Silly Love – which the band will perform in its entirety as the first half of a two-performance concert, with a special video contribution from 10cc co-founder Kevin Godley.


The second half of the evening will feature the usual 10cc classics, including Dreadlock Holiday, Rubber Bullets, I’m Not In Love, The Dean and  I’m Mandy, Fly Me. making these shows a must-see for old and new fans alike.



An audience with Graham Gouldman, Nicky Chinn and Don Black…


The Jewish Community Centre in London is hosting an event on December 10th. Nicky Chinn, Don Black and Graham Gouldman will be sharing their anecdotes about life in the music biz and answering questions from the audience.


Previously unreleased WAX demo…


Leslie Anne, wife of the late Andrew Gold, recently came across a demo of Wax’s “Don’t Play That Song”. The final version that appeared on the album “A Hundred Thousand In Fresh Notes” can be heard here.




After a (longer than expected) summer break, the webmasters at www.the10ccfanclub.com finally got their computers rebooted and re-open the site with…


Kevin Godley’s WholeWorldBand the big winner at Eircom Spider Awards, picking up three awards including the Grand Prix Award.


As well as scooping an award for Best App and Innovative Use of Technology in Digital Marketing, WholeWorldBand (WWB) was also named the Grand Prix winner at the 2014 eircom Spider Awards in The Convention Centre this month.

The awards, the longest standing and most prestigious digital awards in Ireland, reward Irish businesses and community organisations for digital excellence. Based in Dublin, WholeWorldBand (WWB) is a free iPhone and iPad app that allows anyone to easily make music and videos that can be shared and enjoyed worldwide.


The app already has users ranging from music industry heavyweights such as Ronnie Wood (The Rolling Stones), Stewart Copeland (The Police), Phil Manzanera (Roxy Music), Dave Stewart (Eurythmics), and New Model Army, as well as thousands of beginners and up-and-coming musicians collaborating together. The app was launched at the end of 2013 and is now live in over 100 countries on the Apple App Store (an addressable global market of US$5.9 billion).


The Eric Stewart website reports…


“…that Eric's autobiography e-book is now scheduled to be published in 2015. There will also be an Eric Stewart solo anthology CD and, with luck, that will be released in 2015 too. We will update with release dates as soon as we have them!”


The fan club website will of course bring you reviews as soon as we can too.


ELO “get by with a little help from their friends”…


At Radio 2’s “Festival in a Day” concert at Hyde Park on September 14, Jeff Lynne performed with former members of ELO (well, only keyboardist Richard Tandy; at least they got him) for the first time in 28 years, performing a number of songs in 75 minutes for an ecstatic crowd of 50,000 people. By all accounts, Chris Evans of Radio 2’s Breakfast Show somehow convinced him to take to the stage and perform with former keyboardist Richard Tandy and the BBC Concert Orchestra. The touring 10cc’s Mike Stevens and Mick Wilson performed on-stage in the line-up.


After singing “All Over the World,” Lynne gave two thumbs up at the crowd saying, “Wow, fantastic. It’s unbelievable this really. I haven’t done anything like this for so long, I can’t believe it.” He then proceeded with ‘Evil Woman’, ‘Ma Ma Ma Belle’, ‘Showdown’, ‘Living Thing’, and ‘Strange Magic.’ After this, he introduced “10538 Overture” with the words “Here’s one you might know. Have a listen.” The audience did not know, but they enjoyed it anyway.


After singing ‘Can’t Get It Out Of My Head’, ‘Sweet Talkin’ Woman’, ‘Turn To Stone’, and ‘Steppin’ Out’, he dedicated “Handle With Care” to his fallen fake brothers in the Traveling Wilburys, George Harrison and Roy Orbison. He then sang ‘Don’t Bring Me Down’,  ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Is King’, ‘Telephone Line’, and concluded the main set with ‘Mr Blue Sky’, and then, for an encore played their breakthrough version of ‘Roll over Beethoven’. He concluded the concert by saying that the concert was “the best fun we’ve ever had,” and “I’ll do this again.”

(with thanks to anglopia.net for the report)


In other news…


10cc’s albums Windows In The Jungle and Ten Out Of 10 were recently released on CD on Amazon.co.uk


Windows In The Jungle

1. 24 Hours (Full Version)

2. Oomachasaooma (Feel The Love)

3. Yes I Am

4. Americana Panorama

5. City Lights   

6. Food For Thought

7. Working Girls

8. Taxi Taxi

9. 24 Hours (Edit)

10. Dreadlock Holiday (Live, London / 1982)

11. I'm Not In Love (Live, London / 1982)

12. Oomachasaooma (Feel The Love) (Edit)

13. She Gives Me Pain

14. Food For Thought (Radio Edit)

15. The Secret Life Of Henry


Ten Out Of 10

1. Don't Ask

2. Overdraft In Overdrive

3. Don't Turn Me Away

4. Memories

5. Notell Hotel

6. Les Nouveaux Riches

7. Action Man In Motown Suit

8. Listen With Your Eyes

9. Lying Here With You

10. Survivor

11. The Power Of Love

12. Memories

13. We've Heard It All Before

14. Tomorrow's World Today

15. Run Away

16. Les Nouveaux Riches

17. You're Coming Home Again




"I am delighted to announce that I am going to be inducted into the Songwriters hall of fame. The ceremony will take place in New York on June 12th. I am very proud to be joining such esteemed company.”



From the songhall.org website: "Graham Gouldman is one of England’s most successful songwriters, penning such classic 1960s hits as “For Your Love” and “Heart Full of Soul” for The Yardbirds, “Bus Stop” and “Look Through Any Window” for The Hollies, and “No Milk Today” and “Listen People” for Herman’s Hermits, while also writing hits for Jeff Beck, Cher and the Shadows.

A former member of the Mindbenders, he joined with that band’s Eric Stewart and Kevin Godley and Lol Crème in forming pop group 10cc. For that band he delivered such hits as “The Things We Do For Love.”

Key songs in the Gouldman catalog include: * Bus Stop * For Your Love * I’m Not In Love * No Milk Today * The Things We Do For Love”

(copied from the blog page at grahamgouldman.org)


On behalf of all Graham Gouldman and 10cc fans everywhere, we offer our sincere congratulations to Graham for this monumentous recognition of his songwriting.


New CD from Graham Gouldman


Here are a set of photos showing you the new “live” CD from Graham Gouldman. It’s his “Heart Full Of Songs” concert with which the four of them toured the UK last year. On sale at the current UK tour of Heart Full Of Songs Tour. Click the dates link for tour details.

Please do not ask us for copies of this or any other CD’s and DVD’s. We do not have any to sell.




10cc UK Tour Dates for 2014…


We received the dates for 10cc’s tour of the UK. It’s part 1 at the moment because there’ll be more dates for February 2015 coming in the next few months. Click on the dates link to see where and when they’re playing.


Something You Don’t See Every Day…


We recently received some very interesting files from Gina Crosby.  We thought you might like to see them too.

Just click on the links : Front Page / Page 1 / Page 2 / Page 3 / Page 4 / Page 5 / Page 6 / Page 7

As you can see, it’s the “contract rider” for the 1980 tour. Page 4 has an interesting supply list, don’t you think?

We’ll be bringing you more of Gina’s clippings and files in the near future.





Competition Time is OVER…


Our winners have been chosen from the dozens of entries that we received. We would have loved to give everyone a signed CD but alas we only have three to send out. So here are the names of the three lucky recipients...


Martin Steadman of Ashford, Kent


Patricia Hallam of Stanley Village, Derby


Robert Lewis of Oldland Common, Bristol


Congratulations to all of you on behalf of the staff here at the website and everyone at Wienerworld who donated the prizes. You should each be getting your CD in the next week or so.



Graham’s Heart Full Of Songs Tour Dates…


We’ve just received the list of dates for this year’s Heart Full Of Songs tour.


It’s the enduring popularity of these tracks and Graham’s love of playing songs in their simplest form, acoustically, that led him and fellow 10cc members into performing some of them – just with vocals and acoustic guitars – as the supporting act at 10cc concerts.


It grew to become a stand-alone entity and Heart Full of Songs debuted in its own right in April 2013, playing 17 shows with several sell-outs, including London’s 800-capacity Union Chapel.


Heart Full of Songs performances feature many of the tracks mentioned above, along with Bridge To Your Heart (from Graham’s time in Wax with the late Andrew Gold), other Gouldman compositions and material from his acclaimed latest solo album Love And Work.


With 10cc having toured UK arenas with Status Quo last December and their next solo concert tour not scheduled until the autumn, Graham is taking Heart Full of Songs on tour again in May, this time as a three-piece with Mike Stevens and Iain Hornal, with percussion contributions from Dave Cobby.


A Heart Full of Songs concert is truly a night to remember. Click on the dates link to see where and when they’re playing.



Competition Time…


As we said recently, Wienerworld are releasing Clever Clogs on CD this week. We have three signed copies to give away in a really easy competition. All we want you to do is answer a simple two-part question.


A)   How many UK Number 1’s did 10cc have?

B)    Name them


Email your answers along with your name and address to competition@the10ccfanclub.comby March 24th. Please, just one entry per person. The winners will be picked shortly after the closing date and the staff at the fan club website will get the CD’s out as fast as we can.


Audio ‘Clever Clogs’…


WIENERWORLD got in touch with us today. On March 10th they will be issuing a CD version of the Clever Clogs concert recorded live at London’s Shepherds Bush Empire in March 2007. This 17 track CD is packed with 10cc’s top 10 hits featuring 3 number one's including I'm Not In Love, Rubber Bullets and Dreadlock Holiday. Along with the 10cc material, Graham Gouldman and the band perform hits he wrote for The Yardbirds, The Hollies and Herman's Hermits. This concert features original members Graham Gouldman and Kevin Godley along with top musicians Rick Fenn, Mick Wilson, Mike Stevens and Paul Burgess.


“I have many fond memories of our gig in 2007 at the Shepherds Bush Empire. Not only is it an iconic venue but it also featured an appearance by KEVIN GODLEY. I had asked him to sing, amongst other songs ‘Old Wild Men’, a song he wrote with LOL CRÉME that featured on our ‘Sheet Music’ album. It was a magical moment when KEVIN started to sing, the audience went mad.” – Graham Gouldman


To buy the CD on Amazon, use this link. To buy the tracks on iTunes, use this link


For further information please contact Wienerworld    Tel: +44 (0)20 8206 1177 E-mail: info@wienerworld.com


We will be running a competition soon, in conjunction with Wienerworld, to win copies of the CD signed by Graham.


Other Album News…


10cc and Sheet Music are being re-released as Red or Yellow Vinyl GATEFOLD albums on April 14th…

Click on the album name links above to take you to the Amazon pages for further details…




So far this month…


Eric was a special guest of The Producers at the recent MPG awards ceremony. Trevor Horn received a lifetime award. It went very well indeed. It was the first time Eric and Lol have been on stage together in quite some time!.


New Zealand Festival review


We received a link today to a review of a festival 10cc appeared at recently in New Zealand.


It starts off with “Three bands from the past convened at Matakana’s Country Park on a blistering hot Sunday afternoon. Other than the fact that they are all “vintage” acts, they had little in common musically with each other. Not that the crowd cared…they just wanted to party.” Click here to read the whole article.



Festival News…


We have received information from another festival organiser


10CC have been added to the Wychwood Festival to be held at Cheltenham Racecourse, May 30th to June 1st. As with the Acoustic Festival at Uttoxeter, Graham and co will be on the Heart Full of Songs tour, Gouldman and his 10CC bandmates will be performing Gouldman-penned hits such as Bus Stop, Look Through Any Window, Heart Full of Soul and No Milk Today, which was made famous by Herman’s Hermits. More information and tickets for the Festival is available at wychwoodfestival.com




So far this month…


Eric Stewart reached the ripe old age of 69 on the 20th, best wishes from your fans everywhere.


Francis Coates wrote to us this week. He was the band's stage lighting designer in the 70s, and made the mirror-ball clad motorised 10CC stage logo used on all their live dates at that time, and re-made last year for their UK tour. Last used by the band for their Manchester gig in 2013.

He is now offering this fully functioning Logo in it's road-box for sale as he no longer has room to store it.

He asked us to pass this information to club members as he would obviously want it to go to someone who is a fan of the group.

He’ll sell it for a minimum of £2,600 to cover his cost of making it. The logo can be seen in operation with the original group on web link:  http://www.guardian.co.uk

He added : I have much 10CC memorabilia, inc tour schedules, crew photos, stage lighting plans, newspaper reports on gigs in the UK and abroad, gig programmes etc etc.


We’ll try and get photo’s of everything as soon as possible.

Email Roy here at the fanclub and we’ll forward all enquiries to Francis on your behalf


Songwriters Hall Of Fame announcement


We're delighted to announce that Graham Gouldman is going to be inducted into the Songwriters hall of fame. The ceremony will take place in New York on June 12th. We just learned this from the 10ccworld website.


Graham said "I am very proud to be joining such esteemed company".


Swap Shop on Tour With 10cc


Gina Crosby sent an email to Minestrone the other day…

“Just thought people might like to know that someone has posted on YouTube a clip from 1981 of when Swap Shop did a special of behind the scenes on tour with 10cc. As well as clips of the band on stage it also features Maggie Philbin talking to the Sound and Lighting crew,  and on the Tour Bus. It's very enjoyable and well worth a look.”


It’s a fraction under 20 minutes long and actually features the 1980 Look Hear? Tour with the giant tape machine backdrop.


Here’s the link : Swap Shop On The Road With 10cc


To round out the month of January…


We have received information from the organisers of a couple of festivals this year…


10CC has been revealed as the latest act to join the Acoustic Festival of Britain, to be held at Uttoxeter Racecourse on the May bank holiday weekend. During the festival, under the banner of Graham Gouldman’s Heart Full of Songs, Gouldman and his 10CC bandmates will feature the classics as well as pre-10CC Gouldman hits such as Bus Stop and Look Through Any Window, which were written for The Hollies, Heart Full of Soul and For Your Love, performed by The Yardbirds, and No Milk Today, which was made famous by Herman’s Hermits. Other acts confirmed to perform include X Factor’s Matt Cardle, The Fairport Convention and Fleetwood Mac tribute act Fleetwood Bac. More information and tickets for the Acoustic Festival is available at http://www.acousticfestival.co.uk



"Rewind Scotland – The 80s Festival" in Perth, Scotland is back for its fourth year running.  The festival will take place from Friday 18th July until Sunday 20th July at Scone Palace, Perth, Scotland.

This year’s headline performances include Billy Ocean, and a rare festival appearance from American pop/soul/R&B icons Daryl Hall and John Oates (their only Scottish Festival appearance this year). As with all past Rewind Festivals, the 80s celebrations will showcase non-stop music on the main stage from the biggest 80s icons, plus plenty of audience participation and dressing up. The festival also features more unforgettable 80s artists including ABC, The Sugarhill Gang, 10cc, Midge Ure, Blancmange, Roland Gift, Johnny Hates Jazz, Jimmy Sommerville, The Boomtown Rats, T’Pau, The Selecter, Marc Almond, plus many more. Tickets go on sale at 9am on Friday 31st January.  Full details about ticket outlets and prices are available from the official Rewind website - http://www.rewindfestival.com.


















































































































































































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